LoRa Network + Application Server

LoRaLink - A LoRa solution that provides the standard server capabilities along with complete network control, data transparency, and integration support.

LoRaLink’s simple web application allows for easy, intuitive control of key LoRa network functions including device management, network control and integration with external services to get your data wherever it needs to go.

True Control

LoRaLink provides a user-friendly, user-defined network control algorithm designer. This easy-to-understand UI gives complete control of all devices’ data rates and power levels based on SNR, RSSI, or packet success rate. Optimized to fit your needs, LoRaLink lets you define how your network should be controlled.

Complete Transparency

LoRaLink puts the full LoRa stack at your fingertips, exposing every bit of uplinks received and downlinks sent. It also provides the ability to send any MAC command or custom downlink via a simple-to-use interface.


LoRaLink offers a flexible solution for controlling your data. Whether it's controlling data going to your devices or getting data out, LoRaLink provides the ability to integrate as needed. If you require additional, Metova can build a custom solution to meet specific needs.

LoRa Stackat Your Fingertips

LoRaLink is a complete LoRa server solution - offering everything needed to operate your own LoRa Network. Gateway management: LoRaLink has a simple-to-use interface for adding new Gateways, a way to create custom channel plans for gateways as you see fit, and a map view to see where gateways are located.

LoRaLink provides simple device management capabilities, supporting OTAA and ABP mode. The custom network algorithm builder enables you to optimize a network based on specific needs and requirements. LoRaLink also provides the ability to send any MAC command or custom downlink - whether to debug a device for in development or to have specific control of a single deployed device - LoRaLink offers the full power of the LoRa stack at your fingertips.

How it works

LoRaLink's simplified architecture and underlying technology allows for it to scale easily. A truly integrated solution - if you need your data out - LoRaLink supports it, and if additional support is needed, Metova will build it. LoRaLink also exposes network control via a RESTful API. For full documentation, click HERE.